Welcome to the LaTUCS blog!

1 Jan

Welcome to the LaTUCS blog.

This site is for members & friends of LaTUCS to discuss whatever they feel like.

This site is not the official LaTUCS website (click here)


  • You do not have to register to blog, but all anonymous blogs will be reviewed before publishing.
  • If you are registered, then we will set things up so your comments are published automatically.
  • If we find ourselves getting heavily spammed, we may have to implement registration.
  • Because this is a public blog, please be careful what you say.
  • Because this is a public blog which could be trawled by various spam devices, please be cryptic when posting email addresses, etc. (See my example, below.)

Attention, LaTUCS Committee: I am in the process of setting up a separate blog where we can discuss informally committee issues. Formal items (minutes, etc) still belong on the official LaTUCS website.) You will need to register here to participate in the committee blog.

Any suggestions, please email the LaTUCS Webmaster at:
webmaster (AT) latucs (DOT) aicsa (DOT) org (DOT) au